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My TransAtlantic Story

The Atlantic Ocean is an integral part of my personal and professional journey. 


Most of my life has been split between two continents: Europe and North America. I've lived and worked in several European countries and a number of US states and been a student, a university lecturer, a communication consultant, a parent, a homeowner, a dog owner, and a lot more on both continents. And in between, I've packed up my entire home several times and shipped it across the Atlantic. 


Over the years, I have gained deep insights into personal and professional life on both continents. I know what it takes to be successful here and there. (Right now, "here" is the United States for me.) The cross-cultural hurdles between the US and Europe, particularly Austria, are not just my everyday reality - they have become my personal passion and my professional focus.​​ They are the reason why I founded TransAtlantic Coaching & Training (TACT).


At TACT, I combine

  • my academic and research background (a master's degree in German, English, and Spanish translation and doctoral degree focused on the role of language and culture in international business),

  • my passion for teaching (many years at Austrian and US universities; corporate training), and

  • my "real-life" experience (working in the family business here in the United States) 

to develop highly customized communication and cross-cultural coaching and training programs: my expertise is focused on presentation skills, high-level business English for meetings and negotiationsspontaneous speaking for trade shows und networking events, business storytelling, and cross-cultural competence - the content of my programs is tailored to your needs and goals


My goal is to help my clients advance their language skills and develop the cross-cultural soft skills they need to communicate more confidently and effectively, forge great relationships, and build profitable ventures.


My goal is to help you reach your professional and business goals and be successful.

Dr. Elke Framson

Elke Framson
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