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Optimize your Performance. 

Customized Communication Coaching
in American English.

Effectively and confidently present yourself, your ideas, and your business. ​Successfully master high-stakes situationsCommunicate with clarity and purpose. Make an impact.

How I can help you

Customized communication coaching for entrepreneurs, managers, business professionals, and academics who want to be heard, understood, and remembered. Tailored training and support for businesses looking to enter the US market. 

Find out more about my services.

Hi, I'm Dr. Elke Framson

At TransAtlantic Coaching & Training, I work with professionals from business and academia who already speak English but want to increase their effectiveness and impact in high-stakes situations, such as 

  • presentations in front of US and international audiences,

  • trade shows and networking events in the US, or

  • meetings and negotiations with Americans.​ 

In highly customized coaching & training programs, I help them advance their communication skills, so they can handle such situations with competence and confidence, establish strong relationships, and build profitable ventures.

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Don't just learn how to speak. Learn how to communicate.

Check out my blog.

Valuable insights and practical communication tips you can use right away.

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