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Optimize your Performance. 

Customized Communication Coaching
in American English.

  • Present with confidence and competence.

  • Communicate with clarity and purpose.

  • Increase your impact in high-stakes situations.  

How I can help you

Customized communication coaching for entrepreneurs, managers, business professionals, academics, and students who want to advance their English language skills, develop their cross-cultural soft skills, and gain a deeper understanding of US cultureTailored training for businesses looking to enter the US market. 

Presentation Skills & 

Public Speaking Confidence

Business Communication: Language & Culture

Spontaneous Speaking: Networking & Trade Shows 

Cross-Cultural Soft Skills & Cultural Competence USA

Find out more about my services.

Hi, I'm Dr. Elke Framson

University lecturer. Communication coach. Cross-cultural trainer. Founder of TransAtlantic Coaching & Training.


I work with professionals from business and academia who already speak English but want to increase their effectiveness and impact in high-stakes situations, such as 

  • presentations in front of US and international audiences,

  • trade shows and networking events in the US, or

  • meetings and negotiations in English.​ 

In highly customized coaching & training programs, I help them advance their communication skills, so they can handle such situations with competence and confidence, establish strong relationships, and build profitable ventures.

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Don't just learn how to speak. Learn how to communicate.

Check out my blog.

Valuable insights and practical communication tips you can use right away.

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