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Business-Englisch & Geschäftskultur

Communicate with Impact

For Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Business Professionals

If you’re an entrepreneur planning to expand to the US, a manager trying to find US partners or clients, or a leader working with US team members, your success will depend on your ability to communicate effectively in professional American English.


But effective communication in a language that is not your own is hard.

Your brain is in overdrive trying to understand what you hear and formulate your own thoughts with precision and impact.

  • If you feel stressed when you have to lead meetings in English or voice your viewpoint in discussions,

  • If you are worried that your accent or mistakes will make you appear less competent and intelligent,

  • If you are concerned about not understanding business jargon and missing important signals and information,

  • If your struggles to spontaneously express your thoughts leave you frustrated, I CAN HELP YOU!

With my customizable 3-Step Program you will get a deeper understanding of US culture and advance your skills to communicate more effectively in a wide range of business situations.

Business Communication Framework 2024.png
Let's design this program for your needs and goals.
  • You choose a specific topic or area you want to develop for better performance. 

  • You choose 1-on-1 coaching or group training.

  • After a pre-program assessment, I will design the content and materials for you.

  • You

    • build the ​​cultural expertise (Step 1: Understand the Culture),

    • learn the language and soft skills (Step 2: Learn the Skills), and

    • develop confidence and competence for real-life situations (Step 3: Master the Situation).

  • We will start at your skill level and work at your pace and desired intensity.

Want to Find out More? Let's Talk!

Kontaktieren Sie mich. Gerne können wir eine 30-minütige Beratung vereinbaren. Kostenlos und unverbindlich. 

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